5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Home

By kimbowling October 11, 2018

1. Christmas will be held in shifts this year

Sure, it’d be nice to have all your family over at the same time, but there’s nowhere to sit or stand. You could always just hang a picture of a Christmas tree, that would make a little more sitting room.

2.You need stair baskets  (Yes they are a thing) 

When you first moved in everything you owned had a place; its own little home within yours. However, now your life has grown by a few feet or paws and they have stuff, lots of stuff. It’s easy for the stairs to become the perfect little shelves and a good indicator you need more space.

3. Your home’s “unique” features are losing their charm

What you once thought of as charming and quirky, is now just annoying. That pocket laundry room no longer cuts it and the couch doubles as a folding station.

4. You feel faint when you hear guest coming to stay

Though you may not have considered yourself claustrophobic in the past, if the thought of more people staying under your roof makes you woozy, it’s probably time for a bigger place.

5. Your home doesn’t feel like your home

Have you been spending hours browsing homes on Pinterest and Zillow? Are your kitchen counters being over taken? Is the thought of one more thing in your house suffocating? If you said yes to these it’s time for a bigger home.