Selling During the Holidays

By kimbowling November 13, 2018

               During this time of year, sellers often wonder if they should keep their properties on the market or take them off. Or if they haven’t listed their homes yet, should they wait until after the first of the year or even the spring? The thought used to be you shouldn’t even try to sell your home during the busy holiday season. Buyers are attending parties, cooking, buying presents and traveling. However, the internet has changed the way people purchase homes and when. Everyone has a smart phone, tablet or computer within arm’s reach at any given time so the searching never has to stop. 

Here’s why you should consider listing your home during the holidays

1. Buyers never stop looking online

Today, serious buyers are always looking — and the holidays are no exception. Apps make browsing for homes easier than ever. Buyers can set alerts and customize searches to notify them when the perfect home hits the market.

2. Less inventory and competition

If you’ve been considering selling, are motivated and flexible on timing consider listing right after Thanksgiving. There’s still a window to get buyers into your home before the end of the year. When the warmer weather hits and the holidays are over inventory and competition increase.

3.Don’t want to be bothered during the holidays? List in January

Admittedly, the thought of keeping the house clean and vacating to accommodate last-minute showings during the holidays is a deal killer for some would-be sellers. If so, consider listing your property after New Year’s Day. Traditionally, not much inventory comes onto the market in January and inventory is still very tight. Yet, each January, buyers call up agents, looking to buy. 


Whatever the buyers’ motivation, for sellers it means one thing: demand for homes can increase at a time when inventory is traditionally low. That means if you’re ready to sell, you’ll have an even more “captive” audience during the holidays, all the way through January.

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